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THE ADVENTURER'S GUIDE TO DRAGONS (and Why They Keep Biting Me) by Wade Albert White / Blog Tour: Book Review & Giveaway

Welcome to the next stop in THE ADVENTURER'S GUIDE TO DRAGONS blog tour. I'm thrilled to share my review for Wade's newest book in a must read series full of humor, adventure and friendship. Find out more about the book below and don't forget to enter to win! 


By: Wade Albert White
Published by:  Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Released on: September 5, 2017
Ages: 8 & up
Purchase from: AmazonB&NiBooksTBD
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Rating: 5 Fireballs
A copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review

Get ready for dragons, robots, and an even more dangerous quest in the sequel to The Adventurer's Guide to Successful Escapes! 

Anne, Penelope, and Hiro have returned to Saint Lupin's Quest Academy for Consistently Dangerous and Absolutely Terrifying Adventures, where there's only one way to leave: pass or fail. At the annual Quest Academy awards, they're recognized for their success in their first outing-Best Illegal Quest That Nearly Destroyed the Entire World--but a strange boy steals Anne's gauntlet and activates a new quest that pits them against all of dragonkind. Their charge: kill the dragon queen. The problem is, Anne doesn't want to kill any dragons! But ignoring a quest can have horrible consequences, just as killing the dragon queen would start an all-out war between people and dragons. To avert disaster, Anne and her friends will have to dodge robot attacks, defeat new foes, and survive the dangerous dragon trials just for a chance to explain.
With charming, funny text and lots of heart, The Adventurer's Guide to Dragons is the perfect read for anyone who likes fantasy with lots of laughter.
An unforgettable of adventure brimming with humor, friendship, dragons, and magic! This is the kind of book that gets kids exciting about reading. Be warned, this adventure is one you'll be reading at your own risk.... 

This adventure story follows a girl name Anne, and her friends Penelope and Hiro. When Anne is tasked with fulfilling a quest, it's going to take a whole lot of team work, smarts, and bravery to do the impossible. This is a hero's quest unlike one I've ever read before. It's the perfect blend of characters you wish you had as a real life friends, a lot of humor, and an imaginative, magical filled world with talking robots, dragons, a floating island, a volcano, unlikely heroes and so much more. 

White's writing is captivating. This book is such a fun read not only because of the voice telling the story, it also has the perfect mix of adventure, and humor that makes reading this book so much fun, for both kids and adults. We also like that at the beginning of each chapter is an illustration and at the end of each chapter there is a tip /guide for being an adventurer. This is the kind of story I would have re-read as a kid. I love being able to read this book along side my daughter now. 

I don't remember the last time I enjoyed reading an adventure story as much as I did reading this one. This is a fun, laugh out read with a cast of unforgettable characters, a richly detailed unimaginable setting, and an ending that will make you wish the next book in this series was already out. I really hope there will be many more books in this series. It makes the perfect read out-loud for a classroom setting or at home. It's also a great book for reluctant readers as well. I highly recommend picking this book up. 


Wade hails from Nova Scotia, Canada, land of wild blueberries and Duck Tolling Retrievers. He teaches part-time, dabbles in animation, and spends the rest of his time as a stay-at-home dad. It is also possible he has set a new record as the slowest 10K runner. Ever. He owns one pretend cat and one real one, and they get along fabulously.
Website |  Twitter 

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Thank you Little Brown, (3) winners will receive a finished copy of THE ADVENTURER'S GUIDE TO DRAGONS (AND WHY THEY KEEP BITING ME), US Only. Ends on September 19th at Midnight EST!

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BB-8 ON THE RUN by Drew Daywalt / Blog Tour: Book Review & Giveaway #BB8OnTheRun

Welcome to the next stop for the BB-8 On The Run blog tour! We're so thrilled to be apart of this tour. Being huge Star Wars fans, this is a book I was beyond excited to feature on the blog. Trust me, it's one that's worth picking up. Below you'll find more information on the book, my thoughts on it, and a giveaway! First, about the book:


Written & Illustrated By: Drew Daywalt
Published by: Disney Lucasfilm Press
Released on: September 1, 2017
Pages: 40
Purchase from: AmazonB&NTBD,
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Rating: 5 Droids
*A copy of this book was provided by Disney Hyperion in exchange of my honest review

When BB-8 is separated from his master, Poe Dameron, on the lonely desert planet of Jakku, he has no choice but to keep rolling. It's all up to him to get a top-secret map back to the Resistance so they can find Luke Skywalker and save the galaxy from the evil First Order.

It's scary to have a big job when you're just a little droid on your own. But BB-8 isn't alone for long. As he speeds across the sand, BB-8 meets all kinds of strangers who need his help. Should he do good things, as Poe always told him, or will that get in the way of his mission?

See how everyone's favorite little astromech droid makes friends and foils enemies in this funny and exciting new Star Wars adventure!

A must have for Star Fans of all ages! Stunning illustrations, and a message about friendship, hope, and never giving up, make this book one readers of all ages will enjoy. Out of all of Daywalt's books, this one is my absolute favorite! That, and I may be bias since it is about one of my favorite droids, BB-8.

Take a journey with BB-8 on his quest to find his master, and in the process, you'll learn that no matter how small this droid is, he's a true friend who does everything he can to help others. Even if it deters him from his mission. BB-8 might be small, but that doesn't mean he can't do amazing things. We loved that he always lent a helping hand to others, and not just his friends. In his helping others, he even over-came his fear of being alone.

Easy to read, and visually stunning, this book is one you'll want to read again and again. With humor, fun, and foiled villains, this is one adventure readers will enjoy. Plus, what's not to love about the illustrated Star Wars world, and getting to hanging out with a droid over and over again. The nice thing is that this book is both for longtime Star Wars fans as much as it for those not familiar with it. I highly recommend picking up this book!


Before becoming an author, Drew was a farmer in the 1800’s.
Drew eats his weight in bamboo shoots every day.
Drew is a man of 1000 faces. Unfortunately, every face looks exactly the same.
The cheetah is the fastest land animal with recorded speeds of up to 80mph. Drew hopes one never chases him.
In addition to being an author, Drew is also a world renowned beekeeper.
And a race car driver.
Drew likes to make up stories about being a world-renowned beekeeper and race car driver. (He is neither.)
Drew just made a hot cup of tea. Please retweet.
Drew has three rows of razor sharp teeth designed for ripping and shredding his prey.
Drew has ferocious hair and he’s not afraid to use it.


Thank you to Disney Hyperion, (3) winners will receive a finished copy of BB-8 ON THE RUN, US Only.

Ends on September 19th at Midnight EST!
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UNI THE UNICORN AND THE DREAM COME TRUE by Amy Krouse Rosenthal / Blog Tour: Book Review #UniTheUnicorn

By: Amy Krouse Rosenthal 
Illustrated by: Brigette Barrager
Published by: Random House
Released on: August 29th, 2017
Ages: 3 & up
Purchase from: Random House | Amazon | B&N
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Rating: 5 rainbows
Thank you to Random House for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager reunite to bring us a sparkly, magical sequel to Uni the Unicorn!

The Land of Unicorns is in trouble — it has been raining and raining for what seems like forever. This is a big problem because there are only three ways that unicorns can get their magic: from the golden sun, from magnificent rainbows, and from the sparkle of believing. 

Luckily, Uni the Unicorn has always always always believed…that little girls are REAL. Join this very special unicorn and the little girl who believes right back as they finally meet and work together to save a magical land and all who live there!

Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Brigette Barrager reunite to revive this world glowing with possibility and hope that is the stuff of childhood fantasies. 

Adorable illustrations, and Rosenthal's magical craft of story telling, Uni's newest story is just as good as the first. This story is proof that believing is real, friendship is magic, and unicorns will always be cool no matter how old you are. 

When the magic of Uni's world begins to disappear because of the nonstop rain, and lack of sun, and rainbows (the unicorn's source of magic), Uni has to do something. Even though Uni is the only ONE unicorn who believes that little girls exist, that believing turns into something real, when the girl and Uni finally meet. What transpires is magic, friendship, and proof that you never stop dreaming or believing, even if you're the only one. 

Amy and Brigette once again join forces to bring to life the magic, wonder, and fun of childhood in a beautifully told and illustrated story. This is another picture book I would have worn out as a kid. It's wonderful to have a story that can both be a fun, enchanting story as well as share a wonderful message to it's audience. 

If you love unicorns, rainbows, magic, believing, dreaming and friendship (it doesn't need to be in that order), than this book is for you. 

Monday, September 4, 2017

THE DREADFUL TALE OF PROSPER REDDING by Alexandra Bracken #ProsperRedding

Welcome to today's exciting feature, celebrating this week's release of THE DREADFUL TALE OF PROSPER REDDING by Alexandra Bracken. I absolutely loved reading this book. I'm so thrilled to team up with Disney Hyperion to celebrate the release of Alexandra's debut middle grade book. Trust me, you don't want to miss entering to win this awesome Prosper Redding prize pack. First, before you enter to win, check out more about the book. Don't forget to pick up your copy of this must read TOMORROW (9/5), when it's out!


By: Alexandra Bracken
Published by: Disney Hyperion
To Be Released on: September 5th, 2017
Ages: 9+
Series: The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding #1
Purchase from: AmazonB&N | The Book Depository 
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Read the first two chapters on

“I would say it’s a pleasure to meet thee, Prosperity Oceanus Redding, but truly, I only anticipate the delights of destroying thy happiness….”

Prosper is the only unexceptional Redding in his old and storied family history—that is, until he discovers the demon living inside him. Turns out Prosper’s great-great-great-great-great-something grandfather made—and then broke—a contract with a malefactor, a demon who exchanges fortune for eternal servitude. And, weirdly enough, eight-hundred-year-old Alastor isn’t exactly the forgiving type.   
The fiend has reawakened with one purpose--to destroy the family whose success he ensured and who then betrayed him.  With only days to break the curse and banish Alastor back to the demon realm, Prosper is playing unwilling host to the fiend, who delights in tormenting him with nasty insults and constant attempts to trick him into a contract. Yeah, Prosper will take his afterlife without a side of eternal servitude, thanks. But with the help of his long-lost uncle, Barnabas, and his daughter, Nell, a witch-in-training, it seems like Prosper has at least a fighting chance of ridding himself of Alastor before the demon escapes and wreaks havoc on his family. 

Little does Prosper know, the malefactor’s control over his body grows stronger with each passing night and there’s a lot Alastor isn’t telling his dim-witted (but admittedly strong-willed) human host… 

From #1 New York Times best-selling author Alexandra Bracken comes a tale of betrayal and revenge, of old hurts passed down from generation to generation.  Can you ever fully right a wrong, ever truly escape your history? Or will Prosper and Alastor be doomed to repeat it?  


Alexandra Bracken is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Darkest Minds series. Born and raised in Arizona, she moved East to study history and English at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. After working in publishing for several years, Alex now writes full-time and can be found hard at work on her next novel in a charming little apartment that's perpetually overflowing with books. Visit her online at and on Twitter @alexbracken.


Follow Disney-Hyperion on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram
Follow Alexandra Bracken on Twitter | Instagram
Hashtag #ProsperRedding


Prepare to be Spellbound! I LOVE this prize pack and I'm so excited to team up with Disney-Hyperion to host a giveaway for it. If you follow us on Instagram I shared a picture of the prize pack we were sent, along with an Insta-story for it. 

One (1) winner will receive:
  • The Dreadful Tale of Prosper Redding;
  • PLUS spellbinding merchandise including “Witches Brew” hot cocoa; witch-broom pen set; and trick-or-treating tote!

Giveaway open to US addresses only.
Prizing and samples provided by Disney-Hyperion.

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SUPER SAURUS SAVES KINDERGARTEN by Deborah Underwood / Book Review

By:Deborah Underwood
Illustrated by: Ned Young
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: June 27th, 2017
Ages: 3 & up 
Purchase from: DisneyAmazon | B&N
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Rating: 4 Owlets 
Thank you to Disney Hyperion for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

Arnold has a plan.

The evil genius Zorgo-disguised as Mr. Zachary-will never stop him. That's because Arnold is . . . SUPER SAURUS! No kindergarten in the universe can hold him.

Or can it?

Perfect for kids who are anxious or unsure about going to kindergarten. Super Saurus Saves Kindergarten will chase their worries away. They'll find Arnold has a lot of the same worries they do, but once he puts on his cape, Arnold can do anything. He soon realizes that Kindergarten is a lot more fun than he thought it would be. Even without his cape,Arnold is still a hero. He proves that heros not only come in all shapes and sizes, they also learn to overcome their fears. 

What a fun read. Underwood's combination of superhero, and dinosaurs theme was a perfect match for this book. Paired with Young's equally fun illustrations, make this book a must read for kindergarteners. This is one book we really enjoyed reading, and look forward to passing on to a kindergarten class to enjoy. I highly recommend picking this one up!

Monday, August 28, 2017

7 ATE 9 The Untold Story by Tara Lazar / Book Review

By: Tara Lazar
Illustrated by: Ross MacDonald
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: May 16th, 2017
Ages: 4 & up
Purchase from: DisneyAmazon
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Rating: 5 Owlets 
Thank you to Disney Hyperion for a providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

6 has a problem.

Everyone knows that 7 is always after him. Word on the street is that 7 ate 9. If that's true, 6's days are numbered. Lucky for him, Private I is on the case. But the facts just don't add up.

It's odd.

Will Private I put two and two together and solve the problem . . . or is 6 next in line to be subtracted?

A really fun read with a great who-done it mystery for all ages! 

Detective I is on the case of the missing number. Did 7 eat 9? If so, who's next? Could it be 6? 6 is really worried 7 is out to get him next. Or could another number be responsible for 9's sudden and suspicious disappearance. With Detective I hard on the case, readers will enjoy trying to solve the mystery as letters and numbers are question over 9's disappearance. Just be warned, not everything is at it appears... See if you an solve the mystery before Detective I can. 

7 Ate 9 is an engaging story that makes for the perfect read aloud, as it invites readers to join in the mystery. It's fast paced storyline, and fun illustrations make it easy to follow along. This is an entertaining read worth checking out. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

FALL IS FOR SCHOOL by Robert Neubecker / Book Review

Written & Illustrated by: Robert Newbecker
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: June 20th, 2017
Ages: 4 & up
Purchase from: Amazon | B&N
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Rating: 3 owlets - It's A Good Read
An unbound book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review

Fall is time for turning leaves,
The weather's growing cool.
Fall is here! Come on with me!
It's time to go to school.

In this exuberant sequel to Winter is for Snow, the two seasonally-opposed siblings face the end of summer with both joy and dread. But as Sister shares her enthusiasm for fall, school, and everything they encompass, Brother's own excitement grows in this celebratory picturebook. Robert Neubecker's expressive illustrations and buoyant rhymes will encourage even the most reluctant school-goers to embrace the start of a new season!

"Fall is time for school! We'll learn, and we'll be cleaver. A great big world will open up and change our lives forever."

Fall Is For School is a fun reminder about the excitement of the beginning of the school year, and all the fun the fall season brings with it. When a young sister's brother isn't as excited about the approaching school year as she is, she tries to ease his reluctance by telling him about all the things she's looking forward to. From colder weather to the the things they learn in school, to playing on the play ground, celebrating Halloween, music, art, sports and so much more. Through her sharing the things she loves about school, her brother's reluctance starts to disappear. 

I liked how the sister went about trying to ease her older brother's fears in going back to school. I get why he was sad about summer vacation ending, and loved the enthusiasm the young girl had with the beginning of the school year, and the excitement of the approaching fall season. As she tries to ease his fears by getting him excited about school and fall, including celebrating Halloween, he slowly starts to realize there are a lot of things to enjoy, and be excited about.  I liked how the author showed the different interests and learning abilities the brother and sister have.

This is a cute story, and perfect for those who are a little reluctant to go back to school. With some rhyming scattered through the book, and diversity illustrated through out the story, a lot of young readers will be able to identify with this book. Definitely worth reading for those with back to school jitters. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

THE TEACHER'S PET by Anica Mrose Rissi / Book Review

By: Anica Mrose Rissi
Illustrated by: Zachariah Ohora
Published by: Disney Hyperion
Released on: June 20th, 2017
Ages: 4 & up
Purchase from: Amazon | B&N
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Rating: 4 Owlets - We enjoyed it
An unbound book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review

When a class pet proves to be more than a handful, the students agree they cannot keep him, but how will they convince their teacher, Mr. Stricter, who loves the strange creature?

On the day the tadpoles hatch, the whole class is amazed—they've never seen their teacher so excited. Mr. Stricter has always wanted a pet, so he tells the students they can keep just one. The class chooses Bruno, the smallest of the bunch. But Bruno doesn't stay small for long. Soon he's grown into a giant, classroom-wrecking creature: He eats desks, farts for show-and-tell, and sneezes slime all over everything! Everyone can see that Bruno is trouble. Everyone except Mr. Stricter.

With their teacher blinded by love for the pet, the students must step up and take matters into their own heroic hands.

A fun story, matched with great illustrations makes for a great laugh out picture book. What starts off as a fun science project with tadpoles, quickly goes hilariously wrong, when Mr. Stricter's new class pet isn't what he thought it was. The trouble all starts when Mr. Stricter decides to keep one of the tadpoles as a class pet. That would have been fine, but their pet, Bruno, doesn't stop growing. Only Mr. Stricter has failed to acknowledge that Bruno is definitely not a frog. In fact, Bruno gets so big he starts to outgrow the classroom. 

Things only get worse when Mr. Stricter fails to acknowledge his beloved class pet is better suited outside the classroom. There's more than Bruno's size that causes problems. There's a few hilarious mishaps that happen as well. It's a good thing Mr. Stricter's class is full of smart kids, or else Mr. Stricter wouldn't have been able to get himself out of the sticky situation he finds himself in, literally. Thankfully the class all works together to solve the problem, and find a solution for Bruno.

The Teacher's Pet is such a fun read out aloud. With hilarious, well paced storytelling, and Ohoa's illustrations, and color scheme that are reminiscent of classic easy readers from back in the day, make for a great read. We enjoyed this picture book, and all the laughter that ensued from it. The Teacher's Pet definitely makes for a fun story time read both at home and in the classroom, and invites young readers to predict what's going to happen next. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Percy Jackson Coloring Book / Spotlight & Giveaway! #PJColoringBook

Calling all Percy Jackson fans! We have an exciting giveaway for you today. We've partnered with Disney Hyperion to celebrate last week's release of the new Percy Jackson coloring book! Trust us, you're going to love this. I'm so thrilled to host a giveaway for a set of Percy Jackson coloring must haves! Disney graciously sent us a set to review, and we love them! Check out what I shared about them on our Insta-story, and picture here


By: Rick Riordan
Illustrated by: Keith Robinson
Published by: Disney-Hyperion
Released on: August 15th, 2017

Demigods, brandish your pencils!

Over the past decade, millions of young readers, parents, and teachers have come to adore Rick Riordan's classic series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, which made ancient Greek mythology contemporary, relevant, and entertaining as it turned kids on to reading. Now fans can literally color Percy's world with the amusing portraits, dramatic scenes, and intricate designs on every spread of this large format paperback. This book is a great way to introduce young children to the series, to allow older fans to reminisce, and to augment classroom units on Greek mythology. 

Social Media Links

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Rick Riordan, dubbed “storyteller of the gods” by Publishers Weekly, is the author of five #1 New York Times best-selling middle grade series with millions of copies sold throughout the world: Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Heroes of Olympus, and the Trials of Apollo, based on Greek and Roman mythology; the Kane Chronicles, based on Ancient Egyptian mythology; and Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, based on Norse mythology. Rick collaborated with illustrator John Rocco on two best-selling collections of Greek myths for the whole family: Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods and Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes. Rick lives in Boston, Massachusetts with his wife and two sons. Follow him on Twitter at @camphalfblood.   


Keith Robinson graduated with a degree in graphic design and illustration in 1992 and worked as an animator on some of the earliest digital media productions for clients around the world. He joined the BBC and was part of the R&D team that developed the corporation's first website. He later founded Codename, an award-winning media production company, before he became a freelance illustrator in 2001. His illustrations have been featured in children's books, magazines, television programs, and on postage stamps. He especially enjoys drawing fantasy, mythical, and historical subjects. He lives on the south coast of England. 


Demigods, Brandish Your Pencils!
One (1) winner receives:
  • Copy of The Percy Jackson Coloring Book
  • Percy Jackson-branded tin of colored pencils

Giveaway open to US addresses only.
Prizing and samples provided by Disney-Hyperion.

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